Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman Put Gorilla Glass To The Test

Businesses have to advertise their products and while no one appreciates being pitched to, there are good ways of going about it and... well, not so good ways. Corning has managed to put together are more appealing method of selling its super-tough and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass by recruiting Mythbusters pair Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to show off the qualities of its transparent aluminium (at least, that's what Montgomery Scott would call it).

The demo comes in two parts, which combined amount to some 20 minutes of video. The first clip is a history lesson on glass, combined with a bit of a primer on different types of materials and their reactions to being dropped (or having things dropped on them). Hyneman plays the role of explainer here, with Savage acting the mostly clueless foil.

In the second video their positions are reversed, with Hyneman playing a less-intelligent version of himself so Savage can answer his common-sense questions in his usual animated fashion.

Is it a glorified advertisement for all things Corning? Of course it is. That doesn't make watching a Prince Rupert's Drop exploding in slow motion any less awesome.

First video can be found above and the second below:

[YouTube, via TechAU]



    Those were suprisingly watchable. Although, I could probably watch the mythbusters do nearly anything and they could make it interesting!

      Though less about busting myths and more about makers, this is where you need to be.

    wow, these were a pretty good watch, a fair bit of it was common knowledge but this is the first time i'v thought about gorilla glass in larger applications apart from phones.
    wonder what the cost for a 50 regular / 50 gorilla windscreen would cost compared to a standard double laminate windscreen

      given how cheap it is to mass manufacture smart phone screens. It wouldnt be too different compared to standard windshields all else being equal (volume etc).

      Considering that if it did happen, only 1 company will manufacture it, they have the power to take advantage of monopolistic volume and scale and dial down the price

      or comcast it

      Last edited 22/11/14 7:17 pm

        Of course there could be issues with making such a large sheet. Diamonds aren't that rare anymore, flawless diamonds a kinda rare, large flawless diamonds are very rare.

          they just showed you a video where they made a sheet that large
          this isnt sapphire where those issues occur

          THe issue is getting safety approval boards to accept them.

          Personally i think they could go a bit thicker. The issue with windscreens has never been about thickness, but about weight

    Cheers for the credit guys, enjoyed the videos, could listen to Adam and Jamie explain everything on Wikipedia.

    Adam and Jamie instantly make demonstrations awesome. This is the right way to advertise to investors

    Only Adam and Jamie could make me watch a 20 minute advertisement!

    Very entertaining. Jamie struggled to keep a straight face though :)

    FIrst there was the iron age... then the bronze age... apparently we are now going through the glass age

    Which will be followed by the Adam Sav-age :-)

    So, (obvious idea....) Let's see gorilla glass | gorilla glass.

    Why waste time onstandard into protective??

    I thought gorilla glass was not used in cars as it's more safer for bodies to crash through glass rather than squash up against an unbreakable surface?
    That ionic transfer is to replace the sodium with the larger potassium atoms near the surface. This creates a skin tension.

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