12 Cool Pools You Wish You Were Swimming In Now

12 Cool Pools You Wish You Were Swimming In Now

It’s gone from warm and pleasant seersucker weather to hot as hell outside. It’s slogging through air so thick you need a machete and a shower every time you step outside hot. In times like these, you just want to laze in a pool. Specifically, in these positively perfect specimens.

While you’re not picky, and you’d probably splash around in any body of water that presented itself, there are some really amazing pools out there, in resorts all over the world. These are some of the most unbelievable:

The Amangiri Resort is located in Canyon Point, Utah, and its pool curves around a giant 165 million-year-old sandstone rock. It looks quite literally like you’re swimming in an oasis.

Image credit: Aman Resorts

If you were staying at Uruguay’s Playa Vik Jose Ignacio Hotel, why would you even hassle with the beach when you have this unbelievable infinity pool at your disposal?

Image credit: TripAdvisor

The Reethi Rah Resort in the Maldives might have more than 50 pools on the property. But this adults-only lap pool is especially lovely. It’s kind of hard to tell where the pool ends and where the ocean begins.

Image credit: Reethi Rah Resort

Orange County’s Portabello Estate has bilevel crazy swimming pool action.

Image credit: Portabello Estate

You have to take the elevator all the way to the 57th floor of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel to get to the amazing rooftop pool. Apparently, it’s the highest infinity pool in the world.

Here’s what it looks like from the ground:

Images: Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This beauty is the Anatara Golden Triangle pool at Chang Rai Thailand. Bonus: there are also elephants there that you can hang out with.

It’s even more idyllic at dusk:

Image credit: TripAdvisor

The Library in Koh Samui, Thailand has a pool unlike any we’ve ever seen. Nope, it hasn’t fallen victim to one of the seven plagues. The water looks like blood thanks to red mosaic tiles.

Image credit: Library

Not all of these cool pools are in hot locations. This bad boy is the water feature of Hotel Villa Honegg in Ennetbuergen, Switzerland.

Image credit: Hotel Villa Honegg

This pool looks like it’s on the surface of the moon. It’s not. It’s at the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort in Abu Dhabi.

Here it is during the day:

Image credit: TripAdvisor

The Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is one of only 39 castle hotels in Italy. It also has the country’s best pool, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno.

Image credit: KNSTRCT

The Lucala Hotel is in Fiji, so it already has the scenery going for it. But it also has this series of amazing glass-sided pools that feel like human aquariums.

Image credit: KNSTRCT

The Six Senses Yao Noi Resort was once a rubber plantation. Now it’s a luxury getaway that commands ridiculous panoramas of Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay. Plus, the pool has a slide. Who can argue with that?

Image credit: KNSTRCT