10 Things You Really Shouldn’t Do In Online Dating

10 Things You Really Shouldn’t Do In Online Dating

Like most single, modern, Australian girls, I have dabbled in online dating. It is both awesome and horrifying.

In theory, online dating is amazing. You’re able to connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are all looking to meet someone — a much better dating environment than a bar or club. But unfortunately this awesome concept is spoiled by the terrible people that populate these sites and apps.

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Whether you’re on RSVP or Tinder, Grindr or OKCupid, each of these presents its own challenges. Using these forums is a daily struggle -– you have to sift through so many rude, sexist, poorly spelled and casually racist comments and profiles to try and find someone normal.

In an effort to try and improve the world of online dating for those of us who take it seriously, here are a few real life examples of what you should definitely not do on online dating sites or apps. If you part take in any of these online dating faux pas, then please, stop.

Don’t Use A Naked Photo As Your Profile Picture

I feel like this should be pretty obvious to most people, but every day I’m surprised by the number of nude photos I see as profile pictures. I’ve even seen dick pics as DPs. Please stop.

Don’t Use Any Other Weird Photo, Either


Don’t Open With A Creepy One-Liner With Paedophilic Subtext

Really? Like, really? How on Earth did you think that line was going to work?

Don’t Be Overly Insistent

If someone has said no, thank you, just leave it.

Don’t Be A Pretentious Twat

If you hate people that are attracted to your money, then why did you mention your money?

Don’t Call Anyone Tinderella

Just don’t. Thanks.

Don’t Open With A Creepy Acrostic Poem

Seriously, it’s creepy as f**k. Don’t do it.

Don’t Open With A Marriage Proposal

Maybe you’re coming off as a bit too keen?

Don’t Sexually Proposition Anyone In Your Opening

And if you’re going to, maybe spell your creepy, inappropriate comment correctly?

Don’t Make Off-Colour Jokes

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘too soon’ ?