You Can Customise This E-Ink Watch Down To The Strap

If there’s one group that will surely embrace smartwatches, it’s those who like to change their background image and the look and feel of their devices every day. But the FES Watch doesn’t just let you change the watch face whenever you tire of the current design, it actually lets you change the look and style of the entire timepiece using e-ink technology.

It was assumed that e-ink technology would go the way of the dodo once the original iPad was revealed, and cheap full-colour tablets became common. But here’s yet another place where the monochrome display technology shines. E-ink’s low power consumption means you don’t have to charge the FES watch every night, and it’s flexible enough to be used for the display and the watch’s strap.

So if you prefer a timepiece with a classy stitched leather-looking strap, it’s easy to change the FES Watch’s design at the push of a button. And, if you prefer a digital clock face over a more traditional analogue design with hour and minute hands, you’re just a few moments away from being able to easily tell the time again.

The best part is the FES Watch isn’t just some concept in a designer’s portfolio. Through a crowdfunding campaign, it raised enough funds to become a reality, and it’s expected to be in the hands — or on the wrists — of consumers in May 2015, assuming its creators can customise it into being. [Takt Project via Fashion Entertainments via designboom]