Xbox One Update Lets You Buzz Your Controller When It’s Lost

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new update for the Xbox One, plonking several new handy features on the hulking great box in your living room. The new content is aimed at allowing owners easier use of the Snap multitasking function, access to their social circles and making their Xbox account more secure.

If you’re one of those players that use the Snap function a lot, the new update provides you with better navigation. You can double tap the Guide button to open a new app in Snap mode, close any app you’re using or switch between an app and the game you’re playing. You can also record 30 seconds of gameplay while you’re in this mode.

Players will now also be able to gain easier access to their friends and Achievements simply by double tapping the console’s Guide button. They will also see which of their friends have unlocked the same Achievements they have. There’s a new Gamer Score Leaderboard tucked in there, which notifies players of how high up or low down they are on the geek foodchain.

Players can also access the game console’s clock, game Digital Video Recorder functionality and check the battery life on their control pad. The patch can even help players find their controller if it’s gone astray under the couch, by making it vibrate remotely.

The new update adds an improved two-step-security authentication — in the same vein as a Gmail account.

Certain regions are getting an improved Live TV setup, which give players the option to watch TV through their Xbox One’s connection to their set-top box on booting up.

The patch is a reasonable 249MB, and it starts rolling out today.

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