What’s The Coolest Future Application For VR?

VR is coming. At this stage, with everything from mind-blowing hi-def Oculus Rift kits to the cheap and cheerful Google Cardboard in existence, that much is pretty clear. But although the tech is there, the applications — beyond immersive gaming — are only just starting to trickle out.

But, as Mario pointed out yesterday, the most cutting-edge VR experiences out there at the moment are ads — and that kinda sucks. I don’t want to have to have Mountain Dew forcibly shoved in my face, just to experience the best that tech can offer.

Thus far, the most fun I’ve had with VR was a virtual skydiving experience, with an Oculus Rift strapped to my face and a giant fan blowing wind in my face. It was awesome, and has put skydiving quite close to the top of my groaning bucket list.

But with more and more companies playing round every day with VR tech, you can bet that the next few years will see all sorts of new applications for virtual reality — yes, the inevitable, but also everything from first-person drone racing to remote-control telepresence robots and probably some cool life-saving medical tech that I can’t even dream of.

Take a browse through our coverage of VR tech for inspiration, then sound off below: what’re you looking forward to the most? No one say boobs.