Watch An Anamorphic Painting Transform From Bird To Fish And Back Again

Perspective is everything for Thomas Medicus: The Austrian artist created his latest work by strategically hand-painting 160 glass strips, then placing them in a very particular grid formation. From most angles it looks like a total mishmash, but four distinct images are hiding in the fray.

Emulsifier is an example of anamorphosis, an artistic trick that requires the viewer to be situated in a specific spot to get the full effect of the work (think that stretched-out skull in Hans Holbien’s The Ambassadors). This is a particularly clever use that shifts from bird to fish, then reveals the imagined inner mechanics of both their bodies, a strange mix of biological and industrial parts: bones, gears, wheels and more. Look closely, and you’ll even see a teensy dude driving the fishie.

Check out this vid to see it in action:

Medicus really digs these two characters, who have become regulars in his projects from flipbooks to animations. Anyone out there with creative tendencies ever tried to pull off anamorphism before? It seems like such a freaking impossible task, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t awesome to look at. [Ignant]