VAIO Isn't Dead, And Its Latest Tablet PC Looks Beautiful

Sony sold off its Vaio laptop and tablet PC business at the start of this year, but the Vaio name isn't dead and gone. There's a new tablet PC prototype doing the rounds, and from the little we've seen it looks beautiful.

Showcased in the spin-off company's online magazine, the Vaio Prototype Tablet PC uses a quad-core Intel Core i7 Haswell processor with integrated Iris Pro HD 5200 graphics, displaying through a 12.3-inch 2560x1704 pixel display with a 3:2 aspect ratio screen — very similar to the brilliant Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft.

The page itself is in Japanese, but even if you just look at the pictures or do a little creative Google Translating, you'll see that the prototype is clean, simple, well built and attractive — sensibly so seeing as it looks like it's aimed at serious creative professionals, and those that have a little extra cash to splash around. It's like a Lenovo ThinkPad met a Vaio Tap in a dark alley and things happened.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that if the tablet prototype ever made it to market, it would cost around 200,000 yen, or around $2100 — commensurate with the Vaio's high-end specs, and squarely in competition with other premium convertible tablets. That fold out stand, that digitiser pen, and that detachable Bluetooth keyboard, though — this is a tablet that might tear our minds away from clicking the purchase button on a Surface Pro 3. [VAIO]

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