Tipping Rescue Raft Makes It Easier To Pull People From The Water

Water rescues can be particularly tricky because you’re on the exact opposite of stable ground while you’re trying to pull someone to safety. But getting enough leverage to pull a heavy body out of the water looks a little easier with this clever inflatable raft that can be tipped backwards for easier access to the water, without that whole sinking issue.

Created by the folks at Spark Design for the Dutch fire service, the Rescue Tip-Board allows a rescue worker to stand on the back of the raft, causing it to tilt and making it easier to grab hold of someone. The rescuer then simply has to lean backwards which causes the Tip-Board to tilt back down, with the motion automatically hauling the drowning person out of the water so the two can be towed to safety.

And because it’s completely inflatable, the Rescue Tip-Board can be stored and transported in a backpack. When an emergency occurs, a cylinder of compressed air inflates the raft in seconds until it’s rigid enough to support the weight of two passengers. The other advantage to making the raft from fabrics instead of rigid materials is that it keeps the cost down, making it more affordable for rescue services. [Spark Design via designboom]