This Supercard Wants To Replace All Of Your Credit Cards And Then Some

This Supercard Wants to Replace All of Your Credit Cards and Then Some

Remember Coin, the card that promised to put all your credit cards on one handy chunk of plastic, and then suffered from substantial setbacks that may make it useless by the time it comes out? Well now it has a competitor. This is Plastc, another upcoming supercard with some seriously big promises that will be even harder to keep.

Plastc fits pretty squarely into the established supercard genre: it's designed to use Bluetooth to pair with an app on your phone, essentially holding the information of up to 20 cards in a single 0.8mm slab, and letting you choose between them at will.

But that's not all! While Coin's delays have shown that this is a little more difficult than it sounds, Plastc is still shooting for the stars. It promises not only the card thing, but also an e-ink touchscreen, NFC, RFID (so it can do things like trigger an office badge-reader), a 30-day battery life and wireless charging. And to stave off concerns that the upcoming switch to chip and pin will render it completely obsolete, Plastc also claims to include an EMV chip in addition to optional security measures like the ability to lock all your cards behind a PIN, phone alerts when you've left your card behind, or remote wipe if you've lost it for good.

Sound great? Of course it does! Almost too good to be real; that is a lot of tech to squeeze into one, tiny, credit card-sized device. The dream is enticing, but we'll have to wait a while to see if it will come true. Plastc is set for a mid-2015 release, although the (absurdly) trusting can plunk down $US155 for a pre-order today, sight unseen. Of course, by the time it shows up -- if it shows up at all -- we may have all ditched our wallets for our phones anyways. [Plastc]



    Sound great?... no not at all, just because:

    "it’s designed to use Bluetooth to pair with an app on your phone"

    If i crack that card, i own you... It's against basic security principles "never have a single point of failure that cascades" or to use the analogy, never put all your eggs in one basket.

    I’m really disappointed in the CoinCard & glad I only per-ordered so I was able to ask for a full refund. This Plastc card has some real benefits over the CoinCard. To name a few the chip, the rechargeable battery, the remote wipe, & still being able to use when dead as it locks to a default card. My question is $155? One must question if these additional features justify the $100 difference between the two? I completely agree we will always need a back up physical card for swipes and such. but the question I still ask is at .8mm thick that's still .5mm thicker then the standard Credit Card. Are we even sure this is going to fit inside ATMs and any machine you have to insert the entire card? I wish Coin would have been released this summer, but I can wait until they work through all the bugs and let’s not forget the ATM is a def make it or break it for me. I did discover one life changing thing out of this ( I call it life changing because I use my wallet and iPhone everyday, its a marriage of my EDC essentials). I was searching for the perfect wallet for the coin and found this. Works on most phones and holds up to 4 cards (even sticks to nonporous cases!). Looks great on my new iPhone 6. Called Kapotas Wallet, find it here.

    From the website FAQ's

    Will my Plastc Card work when I travel abroad?
    Yes, though not quite yet. We have designed your Plastc Card with global payments in mind. Chip and PIN and contactless payments will be activated by an over-the-air update shortly after launch.

    So, no, don't get this. It's highly unlikely it will work in Australia. The promise of an "over-the-air update" doesn't sound very good at all. It sounds like they haven't got the likes of Visa/Mastercard etc, on board yet. And they're hoping they'll come to the party once more press and interest in the cards build up.

    Also, if I was a retailer, and someone wanted to pay with a card like this, I'd kick them out. How do I know they haven't just skimmed the details from someone else? Hell, how do I know that the bank will honour the transaction in any case?

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