This Nexus Player Is The First Official Android TV

This Nexus Player Is The First Official Android TV

Chromecast who? The real Android TV is here. This is the Nexus Player, a four-inch hockey puck of a set-top box designed to watch all your movies AND play your Android games.

This Nexus Player Is The First Official Android TV

Powered by a quad-core 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor with PowerVR Series 6 graphics, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, the Asus-built box is the first device with Google's new Android TV operating system on board. Which, if you haven't been paying attention, is designed to be everything Google TV was not.

Where Google TV was a confusing power-user experience driven by the web, with a tiny siloed collection of apps, few games, and where you needed a keyboard to get very far, Android TV channels the full power of Android into a super simple set-top-box interface more like Amazon's Fire TV. (It even uses an identical game controller — sold seperately for $US40.) You can get your apps from Google Play, and biggies like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube (of course) and Vevo are already confirmed. The box also comes with $US20 in Google Play credit.

This Nexus Player Is The First Official Android TV

Android TV sports a single flat interface you can scroll up, down, left or right to navigate through all your applications with a dead-simple remote control with just four buttons and a d-pad, though you can also just say what you want — just press the voice search button up top and speak into a mic embedded in the remote.

If Google plays its cards right though, you won't need to do much scrolling or voice searching: Android TV will supposedly automatically suggest things to watch based on the data Google collects from you across all its services, and present those recommendations front and centre as soon as you turn the box on.

This Nexus Player Is The First Official Android TV

Oh, and the Nexus Player also doubles as a Chromecast, meaning you can start or resume content from any PC, smartphone or tablet (no matter the operating system) by pressing a single button to beam instructions to the set-top. Start watching on your phone, pick up on your TV. Go get a snack and take your show with you. Though unlike the Chromecast, this sucker has faster, more reliable dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

We can't wait to try out the Nexus Player. Here's looking forward to telling you how it stacks up to the competition, real soon. It will cost $US99 on October 17. Australian pricing and availability has not yet been announced. [Nexus Player]

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    How many iteration of some type of google TV are we up to now? They really need to do something, stick to it, and improve it. There have been too many burn and relaunch.

      I think they have.
      This is running the same branch as android (unlike google TV) and supports all chromecast features.
      So at the low end you can buy a chromecast for just the basics but if you want all the features, apps/ games/more power you go for this

      previously, companies built cheap, slow Google tv devices. This time round Google have set minimum specs for devices as well as limited customisation. This one won't fail.

    Bundle this with all the catch up TV sites (Ten play, iview etc.) and you have got me sold.

      That comes down to those guys (Channel 10, ABC, SBS, etc) actually making their apps compatible with Chromecast (surprisingly/disappoingly they still havent even though the Chromecast has been out for a while now in Australia). Considering how many users on Google Play have commented about lack of Chromecast support (and withheld star ratings because of it), I dont know why they havent even announced if they're working on that compatibility or when they expect it to be available (except for ABC I think).

        But isnt the Nexus player running it's own OS (presumably, some sort of Lollypop version). So won't we have access to the same play store as on android?

          Actually I didnt realise that the Nexus Player has an HDMI out. So effectively you could navigate on the play store, install the ABC iView app, and start watching. Sorry ignore my last comment - the coffee hadnt kicked in at that time :-P

            apart from ABC and maybe SBS, you're still mostly right Trish.

        I think the Australian Free-to-Air TV networks will be focusing on FreeViewPlus and HBB-TV in the near future... Doesn't matter what your opinion is on FreeViewPlus, they have certainly poured a lot of time & money into it, so I can't see them investing much into the alternatives for a long while...

        The Australian TV networks need to work more with the existing platforms out there, rather than designing their own, and the faster they realise it, the better...

          Yep, they will stick with what's still making them SOME money, rather than "taking a chance on 'unproven business models' which could 'decimate the Australian "industry"'.

    I have a fire tv and its awesome! This will just be a better executed version with global voice search! I cant wait!

      Cool!! I have an Esky TV$_75.JPG

      Can you watch free to air tv channels on fire tv? And how did u get it ? cause Amazon won't post it outside USA.

    Please tell me this will have Gbit Ethernet...

      No ethernet, which is a bummer, but kind of makes sense as it will be a casting device as well.

      At least it has AC!

        The predecessor to this was the "ADT-1 Developer Kit", and that had Ethernet... although I couldn't find reference to whether it was gigabit or not.

        Ethernet has to be there for me to show much interest. Regardless of Wireless AC or not it's still Wireless and for HD and soon UHD it is too inconsistent to meet my requirements.

    Soooo....looks remarkably similar to Apple TV's unit except round. Even the remote. Just saying.

      As in its small and black? Shit, theres another lawsuit for Apple to pursue.

        Damn right mate. Let's not go back to the whole "rounded corners" thing again. ha (Gnex, N7 Ipod, n900, etc)

    With the lack of apps for the ChromeCast - I don't expect Australian's will get much app lovin' for this either.

    I think I'll just stick to my netgear push2tv. I don't need another remote to lose or break.

    Wireless charging for a phone would be amazing!

      That doesn't make much sense to me - this device will be beside the TV - on the other side of the room from where you sit... that does not sound like very convenient location to put your phone...

      What if a message or call comes in while you're watching TV? Everyone can enjoy the distraction as your phone lights up next to the TV, then you can block the view while you fetch it!

    Unless I'm able to stream video files that are sitting on my media server to this thing its useless.

      Maybe plex will work with this. I have plex setup at home and it works a charm with chromecast and PS3

    Basically, GBA emulators on my TV with a game controller. This will be better than my G3 with a Moga Pro

    Wait, you mean its NOT a weird orb with LED's nobody cares about? Weird..

    No optical out? Lame. Everything else about it is great but it's more or less gimped as say a bedroom streaming device where one might have say an older set of speakers plugged in that doesn't have a full on HDMI decoder hooked in.

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