This MicroUSB Cable Might Just Be Worth $39

Normally, if you tried to sell me a 3m micro-USB cable for $39, I’d laugh in your face before storming off to Amazon and paying $7 for the privilege (with GOLD CONNECTORS no less). But, honestly, Native Union’s fancy-arse cable might just be worth it.

Yes, it’s ultimately just a 3m micro-USB cable, for charging or syncing Android or Windows Phone devices. No, it won’t magically make your device levitate — or even make it charge any faster. But on the plus side, it’s a braided fabric cable, which in my anecdotal experience last about five times longer than plastic; and it’s also got a weighted knot, which you can slide up and down the cable to anchor it in the right position. There’s also a Lightning connector option available, if Apple’s own-brand one wasn’t expensive enough for you.

Honestly, it’s probably the most first-world solution I’ve ever been tempted to buy. But you’re damned right that I’m about to pre-order one, nonetheless. And best of all? This isn’t a Kickstarter project — which makes it approximately 1000 per cent more likely that I’ll actually see the final product. [Native Union via CNET]