This Looks Like The Scariest Game Of The Year

This Looks Like The Scariest Game Of The Year

All week in the office, I haven’t been able to talk to Kotaku editor, Mark Serrels, without getting through an anecdote about how terrifying Alien: Isolation is. Sadly I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but seeing this clip tells me everything I need to know: it truly looks like one of the scariest games of the year.

This clip, which contains no spoilers thanks to the excellent Brendan Keogh, shows just one encounter in the Medical Wing level of the game with the Alien.

Watching it you initially feel like the game is a bunch of just waiting in cupboards for stuff to happen around you, but as the tension builds it becomes a terrifying experience that I truly can’t wait to play.

Turns out that the game is also quite beautiful when you remove the Alien from the equation entirely.

Now to find somewhere that has the game in stock…