This Levitating Furniture Isn't The Finale Of A Vegas Stage Show

This Levitating Furniture Isn't the Finale of a Vegas Stage Show

Were Penn & Teller to finish their popular Vegas magic show by simply rolling out this furniture set and relaxing while reading the paper, there would still be a standing ovation. Because Lago has managed to create the illusion that this couch, chair and coffee table are all floating — and you'll want to believe, even if deep down you know it's just a trick.

The "magic" of course comes from using nearly invisible panes of glass as supports that lift these pieces about 30cm off the ground. Plastic certainly seems like it would have been a safer option, especially given these will be supporting quite a bit of weight, but it also scratches easily which would ruin the illusion.

This Levitating Furniture Isn't the Finale of a Vegas Stage Show

You can even get a dining room set and a bed so the illusion isn't limited to only your living room. Which means the next time you have a dinner party, even though you might feel awkward asking guests to bring a dish, you won't have reservations about charging admission given the magic show everyone in attendance will be enjoying. [Anima Domus via Home Crux]


    That sure is hideous, looks like the top half of a lounge on a perspex box.

    whack some LEDs under there, then i might be interested.

    "nearly invisible panes of glass "
    Only if you're blind.

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