This Jet Engine Is Actually A Grill That Automatically Rotates Your Food

It only makes sense that a barbecue that looks like a jet engine fallen off a plane is called the Jet Grill, but — and some of you might be disappointed in this — it doesn’t cook your meats via some high-powered afterburner. The design and functionality is still clever, though, as it harnesses rising heat to keep your food constantly turning and grilling evenly without the need for a powered motor.

Instead of placing your burning briquettes on the bottom like with most grills and barbecues, the $US240 Jet Grill has a pair of removable side panels where the heat is generated. Your food is held in place in the middle on a spit that slowly rotates as rising heat turns a turbine blade on top. It ensures your food is cooked evenly, and because the heat comes from the sides, there’s no risk of flare-ups or fire as dripping fat doesn’t fall onto open flames. Best of all, there’s no grill to scrape and scrub down after a weekend of carnivoring. [Jet Grill via Appliancist]