This Is What Lumias Will Look Like Now, Without Nokia Branding

This Is What Lumias Will Look Like Now, Without Nokia Branding

Microsoft is officially cutting the Nokia branding on its Lumia handsets. From now on, its smartphones will be branded with the Microsoft Lumia name.

Existing phone websites and social network accounts will transition to the new branding, and Microsoft also says it's "looking forward to unveiling a Microsoft Lumia device soon." Microsoft will, however, continue to use Nokia branding on entry-level phones -- creating a tiered system where Microsoft is premium and Nokia is budget. Nice.

It's hardly a surprising move by Microsoft, which has clear desires to create its own, well-defined hardware brand. And the results look... kinda nice to be honest. It will be interesting to see how the thoroughbred Windows handsets turn out. [Nokia Conversations]

This Is What Lumias Will Look Like Now, Without Nokia Branding


    Looks awful on the front, hell my Xbox doesn't even say Microsoft on the front. Should of stuck Lumia there. Hopefully they make up for it with a 42mp camera!

      Keep in mind that these are just photoshopped images lol. They aren't real designs. Someone has litterally written Microsoft on them.

        Leaked screens have been surfacing over the last few months with that exact logo on them unfortunately :(

          It's just text in a nice, clean typeface in a colour that fades into the dark background. It is far more intrusive in black on orange in the other image. Hardly the end of the world, though. Mind you, I don't think the name "Microsoft" appears anywhere on my Zune HD but, given the subtlety of it's use on Surface tablets and Microsoft peripherals, I think it is going to be easy enough to live with.

    Not entirely sure of the logic. Brand-wise, Nokia are so strong in phone terms, whereas Microsoft is, well, Microsoft. You'd almost think consumers would end up going for the cheap Nokia-branded handsets as they'd assume they're the premium ones?

      It's been a very long time since I associated "Nokia" with "premium".

      I loved my Nokia phones, don't get me wrong. But I wouldn't see it as a premium brand.

        Heaps, I owned about 6 nokias and have great nostalgia over them but really.... Nokia's hey-day was probably around 2005 and you can only cruise on that for so long.

        *Yes they have brought out some sweet phones since.... but we're talking about when everyone had Nokia's and they were ahead of the game.

    Agree with trembre
    Any tiered system using such an iconic brand as a cheaper second-best option , risks minimizing "premium" sales as buyers will want some real differentiation about what they are paying for. Particularly with such fierce competition and hardware developing so fast that much of the differentiation is bells and whistles and marketing Brand loyalty, while diminishing, still plays a huge part in peoples decisions And if reputation is thrown into the mix , I'd get rid of the Microsoft logo and just stick with Lumia

    I disagree, with the Surface gaining traction it makes sense to have a premium Microsoft branded phone also. Besides, it's a Windows phones, makes sense for there to be a MS branded one. Is there really much brand loyalty for Nokia smartphones anyway? I loved my Symbians back in the day, but that was a long time ago..

    No matter how it looks like, if the system still uses wp8, it will be a failure. Put full version of windows 10 into it with the ability to dock and otg and run windows software, the phone will beat every iOs or andorid phone.

    *looks at Nokia 735 front and back* 'NOKIA' looks better.

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