Epic 26-Year Road Trip Is A Great Love Story With A Heartbreaking Ending

Gunther Holtorf spent the last 26 years on a road trip around the globe with Christine, a total stranger who met him in Africa after he published an ad asking for a companion in a German magazine. His journey includes 177 countries, 884,000km and loads of pictures taken from his old Leica.

According to Deusche Welle, he started his trip in 1989 with his wife and Otto, the name he gave to his Mercedes G Wagon. After some months in Africa, his wife decided to leave him and return home. Gunther placed an ad in the personals section of German weekly Die Zeit. Christine, a 34-year-old from Dresden, replied and joined him on his trip.

What’s going to be a short trip turned then into a 26-year long trip around the world. Four years ago, Christine passed away after battling cancer. Just months before dying, they finally married. She asked him to continue the trip in her memory, which he did for four more years. Now, Gunther has returned to Berlin after the trip of a lifetime.

Gunther, Christine and Otto.