This Big Ol’ Phone Might Be The Nexus 6 In The Wild

Android Police just received these photos from a tipster that appear to show the Nexus 6 in a real human’s hands. If it’s real, this big-screen device would confirm very persistent rumours that the new Nexus will wear a 5.9-inch screen. It’s like an extra-large Moto X!

We can’t conclude anything definite from clandestine photos provided by an anonymous tipster, but Android Police hazards a few guesses. For one thing, the power and volume buttons situated more toward the middle of the phone point to a growing device, and the headphone jack up top seems to have moved to the center of the chassis. It’s running Android L (you can tell by the nav buttons), and while it seems to wear some kind of snap-on case, we can see front-facing speakers top and bottom.

For all the Nexus 6 speculation you can handle, check out our Rumour Roundup and hold on tight — the new Nexus will allegedly launch for real later this month. [Android Police via Slashgear]

Pictures: Android Police