These Giant RC Aeroplanes Are So Huge That You Can Fly A Kid Inside

I have seen big RC planes in the past, but this is really getting out of hand. I watch these videos of giant scale RC planes — the one above is 85 per cent of the original size! — and I have to wonder what’s the point. OK, I know the point: It’s awesome, but you may as well build the entire thing.

A Pitts Python biplane at 85 per cent scale. It can definitely fly a small kid inside.

A Messerschmitt ME-262 jet plane.

This one is 1:2 scale, the world’s biggest RC Clip Wing Cub.

The 6m wingspan B-17 Flying Fortress.

A B-25 Mitchell bomber from WW2 at 1:3 the scale.

A 4m wingspan Beech — getting destroyed.

Another aeroplane getting destroyed: An amazing B-29 Superfortress built at 1:5 scale.

A B-29 with a 9m wingspan, four 160cc engines. 1:5 scale.

A Sabre, with a more manageable scale 1:5. “Just” a 2m wingspan, folks.

A WACO YMF-5 RC Plane.