There’s A Smaller Vacuum Hiding In The Handle Of This Upright Vac

Instead of trying to make a compact handheld vacuum as powerful as a full-size vac like Dyson did with its cordless DC59, Samsung has decided to just cram a second smaller vacuum into its new VU7000 upright so you can easily suck dirt and dust off everything that’s not your floors.

For hard to reach places most full-size vacuums simply stick a long hose in your hand that’s tethered to the main unit’s suction chamber, but not only does that limit your range, it also reduces the suction power as the hose is stretched to its limit. With the Vu7000 the handle detaches, bringing its own motor, canister and cleaning brush with it. You’ll still be tethered to an outlet with its power cord, but that also means you’re not racing a rechargeable battery’s limited run-time while you clean.

And as far as modern vacuums go, the $US450 VU7000 appears to come suitably equipped including a bag-less canister that’s easy to empty, HEPA filters to properly deal with dust and everything it’s hiding, and large cambered wheels for easy manoeuvring. Everything except the motivation for you to get up and actually do some cleaning. [Samsung]