The Xbox One Will Be Cheaper For Christmas, But Not In Australia

If you're keen on jumping into next-gen consoles, the news that the Xbox One is headed for price cut territory just in time for Christmas might have been welcome news. At least, it's welcome news for people in the US. That's right: Australia won't be getting a price cut on the new Microsoft console.

Microsoft announced this morning that the console would drop to $US349 for the US market. That's a $US50 price cut on top of an additional $US100 price cut the US got access to when Microsoft made the decision to sell the console without the Kinect camera module.

(For those watching carefully, Aussie shoppers barely saw a difference in the Kinect decision.)

Microsoft confirmed to Kotaku this morning that the console would remain at $499 in Australia, with retailers still offering various bundles for the console including new games.

Sigh. [Kotaku]

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