The iPhone 6 Finally Made It To China

It’s taken Apple a little while to take its latest phone to China. But, as a Wall Street Journal correspondent points out, now that it’s there, reaction to its arrival seems to be “decidedly low-key”.

Just 100 or so fanboys waited in line outside the Beijing Apple store this morning, ready to pick up their pre-ordered handsets at 8am. It’s perhaps not as dire as it sounds: in other parts of China, including the stores of the country’s major telecom carriers, the phones went on sale at midnight.

Still, even if waiting in line isn’t being relished, the handsets seem to be. One shopper told the Wall Street Journal that he was “feeling quite emotional”. Quite.

Apple managed to shift 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units in just three days at the end of last month. It remains to be seen what China will contribute to the sales figures. [WSJ]