The Dirty, Dilapidated And Delightful Water Towers Of New York City

New Yorkers: How well do you know your local skyline? Enough to be able to tell these 23 water towers apart, and place them in the borough where they belong? It’s a day ending in “y” which means — hey look, Popchartlab has a new print out! This time the team has icon-ized a selection of the city’s distinctive (and often very dirty) elevated tanks.

If someone said to me: “Draw a water tower without looking at one” I think I could have come up with the cylindrical tub, pointy top, and criss-cross base, but it’s actually pretty cool to see just how different these pressurised structures can be with the same basic building blocks. Plus, there’s something super cinematic about their shape; I can’t actually think of any films that feature them off the top of my head, but for some reason I’m picturing rebel teens climbing to the top for a sneaky smoke, and/or a dramatic scene with a gal hostage and a bad guy set on the side of one of these. Am I nuts?

Any which way: Skyscrapers may get the glory, but I dig this alternative perspective of NYC. Get your own 18-inch by 24-inch print for $US23 here. [Popchartlab]