Tesla Motors’ Sydney Service Centre Location Revealed

Tesla Motors’ Sydney Service Centre Location Revealed

Are you one of the lucky few with a pending pre-order for an all-electric Tesla Motors Model S sedan? If you’re in Sydney, the Californian tech company has a new Mecca on the north shore for your car-buying pilgrimage. Here’s where you’ll be heading to pick up your shiny new Tesla Model S.

EFTM has the scoop on where Tesla Motors’ new Sydney service centre is — Artarmon, just south of Chatswood, near enough to the Sydney CBD and the Northern Beaches that it should cater to the majority of Tesla’s high-value Aussie buyers. (It’s also across the road from SBS, who we love here at Gizmodo.)

The showroom will be the natural focal point for Tesla’s Sydney operations; customers will be able to visit and schedule test drives as well as make purchases in the same way that they can already do online. The only chassis currently available, the four-door Model S sedan, starts at $97,245 for the base-model 60kWh version in the Australian Capital Territory — prices change slightly per state — all the way up to a $191,364 85kWh dual-motor Model S P85D.

Tesla is well known within the US for having ‘galleries’ rather than actual dealerships, usually within high-end shopping centres, where potential customers can get hands-on experience with the cars and be guided through the online purchasing process in US states where Tesla is not allowed to sell cars directly to customers. Whether similar legislation in Australia will impede Tesla is yet to be seen — Tesla’s Australian spokesperson told the Australian Financial Review that the company didn’t expect any problems.

Tesla has 27 job postings open at the moment to supplement its Australian workforce, including a service manager, detailer and store manager. Most of the jobs are in Sydney, but if you’re a techy Melbournian you’re in with a chance as well. The new service centre location was previously home to a Holden dealership, as well as a short-lived Skoda showroom as well as Mitsubishi.

The brand has maintained a service centre and Australian presence in Alexandria in previous years; it’s not clear whether that will change with the new Artarmon dealership. [EFTM]