Terrible Balance? This Kit Gives Your Harley Training Wheels

Those trike-style motorcycles like Bombardier’s Can-Am Spyder are more stable and easier to ride than their two-wheeled siblings, but they don’t suit every rider’s tastes. So Norm Kokes has developed a kit that can turn your favourite two-wheeled motorcycle into a trike making it safer to ride — even for a novice.

With prices starting at $US8000 you’re certainly going to want to make sure you’re committed to the conversion, but it’s not permanent, and can actually be removed in about ten minutes with no modifications needed to the actual motorcycle.

And unlike some three-wheeled designs that lean into corners requiring the rider to have at least a little experience on a motor bike, the Endeavour kit keeps the motorcycle upright at all times, even while turning. So you can almost think of it as training wheels for anyone who’s ever wanted to hit the road Easy Rider-style, but without the risks of wiping out and road rash. [IDO Endeavour via Gizmag]