Supposed Bitcoin Creator Is Crowdfunding His Lawsuit… With Bitcoin

Back in March, Newsweek alleged that Dorian Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. Now, though, Nakamoto is raising funds in the cryptocurrency to file a lawsuit against the publication, which refuses to retract its article.

His website, ‘Newsweek Lied’, claims that Newsweek misstated facts, altered and fabricated quotes, and falsified entire conversations. It also points to a reasonable amount of criticism of the article. Since it was published, Nakamoto has been hounded by journalists and even involved in a car chase in an attempt to avoid reporters.

People can donate to the legal fund in Bitcoin. Or credit card, yes, grandpa. While there’s no publicly stated fundings goal, surplus cash will, apparently, go towards Nakamoto’s expenses. [Newsweek Lied via The Verge]