Steve Wozniak Is Now An Honorary Australian University Professor

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and pioneering personal computer inventor, is now a professor at UTS. Woz has joined the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the university as an adjunct professor — the first post of this nature he's taken anywhere, at any university — and will be working with students in the Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab.

The Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory is part of UTS' Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems school, so Woz will presumably be helping students in his new honorary role with everything from advanced quantum computing algorithms to robotics. He's a dab hand at these kind of things, being the electronics brain behind the Apple I and co-founder of the what is now world's most valuable technology company.

Wozniak still calls the US home, but anyone that follows him on Twitter knows he's in Australia surprisingly often; he'll apparently be back in the country in December for another UTS visit. He's also still in the process of becoming an Australian citizen, too, so we might be seeing a lot more of him soon enough. [UTS]

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