Spotify Is Getting A Family Deal To Save You Money

Spotify Is Getting A Family Deal To Save You Money

If you and your partner both use separate Spotify accounts — or, worse, your entire family — then some good news: the streaming service is launching a family deal so you can all run separate accounts but save money in the process.

The new plan, called Spotify Family, lets up to five people all share a single billing account. Each extra person added to the current bill-payers account only pays 50 per cent of the usual fee.

Here’s the pricing for Spotify Family in Australia:

• Spotify Family 2 – $17.99
• Spotify Family 3 – $23.99
• Spotify Family 4 – $29.99
• Spotify Family 5 – $35.99

Fortunately you don’t merge you accounts into one, though: each person keeps a separate username, which means your listening history, recommendations and playlists are all completely separate. So you don’t have listen to Bieber or the Frozen soundtrack or whatever it is that children listen to these days. Similarly, your kids don’t have to listen to Bon Jovi and Radiohead, either.

Of course, if you share an account — which is presumably a pain anyway with songs getting paused when people play things simultaneously — you have a decision to make. [Spotify]