Sony Xperia Z3 And Z3 Compact: Australian Pricing, Release Dates

The Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact go on sale in Australia very soon. (We don't know exactly when, but more on that later.) The little pocket rocket and its plus-sized sibling will be out at all the major carriers, and thankfully Australia will be getting all the different colours -- depending on when you make your purchase from.

Sony Xperia Z3 And Z3 Compact: Everything You Need To Know

Pricing first, because that's simplest piece of the puzzle. Outright, the Sony Xperia Z3 will cost you $849, and the Xperia Z3 Compact will cost $699. That's a fair bit of a bump from the price of the Z1 Compact, which you could buy for $550, but even at the higher price the smaller phone is an excellent deal.

If you want to buy the Z3 on a plan, it'll cost you $10 per month at Telstra on a 24 month $70 Mobile Accelerate plan. At Optus, it'll be $13 per month on a $60 plan, at Virgin it'll be $5 per month on a $60 plan, and at Vodafone it'll be $8 on a $70 plan. For the Z3 Compact at Telstra, it'll be $3 per month on that same $70 plan, at Optus it'll be $13 per month on a $50 plan, and the smaller handset won't be sold on a plan at all through Virgin and Vodafone.

Optus has its preorders for the new phones open as of this morning, as does Sony's own online stores and kiosks. You can order either of the two handsets outright from all the telcos today, apparently, but if you want to preorder the Z3 on a plan at Virgin you'll have to wait until the 3rd and until the 7th on Telstra. Vodafone is not offering pre-orders on either phone on a plan.

Availability of the different colours is just as convoluted. For the Xperia Z3 on a plan, Virgin and Vodafone are only carrying stock of the black model, while Telstra and Optus will have black, white and copper. If you want the silver green variant, it's only avaiable through Sony kiosks and outright through the telcos. For the Z3 Compact on a plan, Telstra gets black, white and orange, while Optus gets black, white, and green, and Virgin and Vodafone don't have the phone at all. Outright, the Compact can be bought in all four colours from a Sony kiosk, or outright from a telco in black and white.

Confused? We are, too. Here's the information provided to us by Sony:

Sony also had an Xperia Z3 Tablet on show at the phones' launch last night, but no information on when it is launching or much it will cost was available at the time.

The first 100 preorders of the phones through Optus will receive a bonus PlayStation 4 console. So is Virgin, and so is Telstra. So is Sony directly.

There's no actual release date for the phones as far as we can tell just yet. It should be soon. But we're reaching out to Sony for the best confirmation that we can get. Stay tuned.

Update: Telstra will have the Z3 and Z3 Compact on sale from October 14. Optus will have the Z3 and Z3 Compact on sale from October 9.

Apparently, according to darkryoushii in the comments, Sony is shipping its outright Z3 purchases to customers on October 10.

More news as it comes to hand. [Sony]



    Why is it so hard for Sony to give us an actual release date.

      They did - October 14.

        Many thanks

        Yep, but that's just for Telstra. Optus is releasing it on October 9. Just updated the story, ta.

    Virgin's 100 free PS4 offer -
    Telstra 100 free PS4 offer-

    Full Sony details:

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    Having just bought a Z3 this morning directly from Sony, they are Shipping from Oct 10th.

    What's the storage capacity at that price? 16Gb? 32Gb?

      16GB / 2GB RAM for both configurations, no other variants on offer -- although you do have microSD to expand with.

        I do find that annoying - I bought my Galaxy S3 more than 2 years ago with 32Gb capacity plus a microSD slot. It seems that these days a lot of the phones (certainly the ones I've been looking at to replace my S3) don't seem to go over 16Gb for the 4G versions.

          The biggest issue is that microSD cards' interfaces are inevitably slower than onboard memory. And Android doesn't seem to work well with that, at least in 4.4.4...

            Yeah, I also noticed that a lot of phones don't have the card slot anymore... seems to be either 16Gb with a card slot if you're lucky, or sometimes 32Gb with no card slot. For the most part I just use the card for media (i.e. music to listen to or videos to watch and also to store photos / video taken with the onboard camera) and save the onboard storage for apps etc since a lot of them won't use the card.

            So what do people reckon is the best 4G Android phone which comes in 32Gb capacity with a microSD card slot? Is there even one?

              LG G3 - but you can't buy the 32gb version in Australia unless you buy it outright from an Australian store who are just grey importing it from Hong Kong or Taiwan for you.

              I went through eglobaldigitalcameras (the ebay seller "quality deals" or qd_au has an excellent reputation as well and if I were using ebay it's the only seller i'd recommend)

              The other advantage to buying the 32Gb LG G3, an extra gigabyte of RAM (to 3Gb).

              You want the D855 model for Australia - that supports ALL of our 4G networks including the new 700MHz that Telstra and Optus are rolling out and the 850MHz 4G that vodafone will be using (i've checked the egineering menu on this, band 5 LTE for Voda is definitely supported). It also supports the 2300 LTE that Optus uses.

              Last edited 01/10/14 5:06 pm

                Cheers, thanks. So you've got one and you're happy with it? My dad bought an LG TV years ago and it was rubbish which pretty much put me off the brand :P I'll look into this phone... maybe I'll give them another chance.

        Only 2GB RAM? I thought my xperia z2 had 3?

          It looks like that was a mistake, everything I can find on it shows the Z3 has 3GB RAM.

    Just pre-ordered a Black Z3 through Optus this morning...should have it on the 9th. No idea if I will get a PS4 with it. I couldn't pass up the $80 plan, unlimited calls/texts and 5GB of data is just the right amount per month I'd say (still cheaper than anything Telstra has to offer comparatively).

    Is there any downside to buying the phone outright from Telstra?

    According to this link:

    They are selling the compact outright for $600 which is $99 cheaper than from the Sony store. Unless it's a typo on the Telstra website.

      The downside would be that your phone would have Telstra branding / software within. If you buy directly from Sony you are arent getting that.

    The Optus deal has already expired, I just spoke to live staff and they said they ran out around 3pm yesterday.

    Telstra throws you into a pool for a chance to win.

    VIrigin hasn't opened pre orders yet, so that's your best bet of getting the PS4.

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