Samsung Claims To Have Invented A Way To Make Wi-Fi Five Times Faster

As our home internet speeds increase with the advent of fibre networks and super-fast 4G networks, a new bottleneck is emerging in the quest for speed: our home Wi-Fi connections. Thankfully, Samsung scientists are on the case, and claim to have a technology which can boost Wi-Fi speeds up to 4.6Gbps.

According to a report in Digital Trends today, the South Korean gadget giant has figured out a way to push 575MB per second through a Wi-Fi connection at a theoretical maximum speed of 4.6Gbps. That's up from 866Mbps, or 108MB per second.

It's called 802.11ad, and it works by eliminating interference that usually serves to slow other Wi-Fi networks down, as well as some other fancy networking maths and gadgetry.

Samsung want it in a whole range of products by next year, alongside its existing Wi-Fi Boost technology that serves to fuse a Wi-Fi and a 4G connection together to get the best of both worlds.

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