Report: Google Is Working On Huge, Lego-Like Modular Displays

Report: Google Is Working On Huge, Lego-Like Modular Displays

The Wall Street Journal says that a crack team of Google researchers is trying to build a modular super-screen, one that snaps together from a whole bunch of smaller displays to create a seamless image. A screen made of dozens of screens!

The report, based on info from three anonymous people familiar with the project, says that the project is helmed by Mary Lou Jepsen, formerly an MIT professor and co-founder of One Laptop Per Child. Jepsen now heads up the display division of Google X, the mad-science lab for Google’s futuristic experiments.

The Wall Street Journal report is light on details, saying that both the size of the individual units and the dimensions of the complete display aren’t currently known. Google wouldn’t comment officially on the project, naturally.

Still, the concept — a clutch of tiny displays that could voltron together into one monster screen — is super cool, even if the engineering challenges are severe.

Among the problems that the group is trying to solve, the people familiar with the project said, is how to make display modules that are “seamless” so that people looking at a giant screen wouldn’t see the borders between the modules. The project remains at an early stage and has been kept secret, even within Google, partly because the technical challenges are as large as the planned screens, one of the people said.

In the future, your screen could be built from screens. [WSJ]

Picture: AP