Red Bull Racing Recreates The Holden Sandman

Red Bull Racing Recreates The Holden Sandman

An Aussie icon has been re-imagined. As part of the hype around the V8 Supercars’ upcoming Gold Coast 600, Red Bull Racing Australia has engineered a one-off, 21st century re-imagining of the Holden Sandman, and if you’re at the race this weekend you’ll see it taking a sprint or two around the track.

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It’s the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Sandman, so what better time than now to make a new one? I’m sure Red Bull will get a bit of stick from hardcore enthusiasts, since the recreation doesn’t have the same high roofline that made the Sandman a proper panelvan and such a distinctive piece of Australiana, but it looks pretty good no matter what.

Details on the one-off are light on the ground, including engine specs — apart from the fact that it develops a not-too-shabby 705bhp (525kW), and can apparently out-accelerate a V8 Supercar in a straight line. A couple of bespoke carbon fibre surfboards adorn the roof racks, and the rims are somewhat updated with a set of lightweight V8 Supercar wheels and tyres.

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