Pirate Nation: 'Pirates Of The Carribean 5' To Be Shot In Australia

Australia is set to be known for piracy of a different kind next year as Walt Disney plans to shoot the fifth (yep, fifth) Pirates Of The Carribean movie on the Gold Coast.

The plan was hilariously announced by the Attorney General George Brandis's office, as he pulls double-duty as Minister for the Arts. Brandis is known for his upcoming anti-piracy policies, but sadly, the release was free of puns. Wasted opportunity, Senator.

Australian taxpayers are set to fund the production to the tune of $21.6 million: Australia's largest contribution to the production of a major motion picture, according to the Senator's office.

In turn, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said in a statement that the production would likely generate $100 million in revenues for the state of Queensland while creating a boatload of jobs (our pun game is stronger than yours, Minister).

Shooting will begin in Feburary 2015, with the film slated to hit cinemas in 2017.

Image: Walt Disney Studios

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