Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Welcome to another week of apps. We had some big additions to our smartphones from Skype and Microsoft recently, but iOS, Android, and Windows Phone once again has some new additions worth taking a look.



Brainwave is an Android app that lets you perform Jedi powers on your smartphone. This app empowers your smartphone with hand gestures that allow you to navigate through your favourite music services. Brainwave is compatible with Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, iHeart Auto, Spotify, and Songza with promises of more to come. [Free]


Samba is a well-received video messaging for iOS finally making its debut for Android. Although it joins some stiff competition, Samba separates itself from the rest by allowing users to capture their reactions to videos and as they’re watching them. The idea is for more honest video chatting, which sounds great — now you just need to convince your friends to join another voice messaging app. [Free]


Alien Blue (Official)

iOS apps had a pretty quiet week this week (maybe everyone was too focused on iPads). Either way, one awesome piece of news is that Alien Blue, the most popular Reddit client, lost its “unofficial” status and has become the official iOS app. Other than an icon refresh and some bug fixes, it’s still the same great app you remember, but now with deeper ties to Reddit, we can see even more features in the software releases to come. [Free]

Windows Phone


Growing up, I had a pretty indecisive family. Where to go to vacation? Where to get dinner? It was all a very democratic process. Straw could have made things so much easier. This app lets you create and share polls via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and other services. Instead of playing phone tag trying to figure out what movie you and all your friends are going to see, just use Straw and be done with it. [Free]


Power Hour

We’ve pretty much supported Ali Spagnola and her power hour dreams from the beginning. Now this new app empowers your smartphone with the ability to create power hour soundtracks on the go. You can easily create a playlist perfectly suited for the power hour (one shot of beer every minute for an hour) as it formats all selected songs into 60-second chunks of audio. Is it the most productive app ever? Not at all, but it’s fun all the same. [$US1.99]