Original Star Wars Storyboards Show Iconic Scenes Before The Big Screen

Luke wasn’t always a Skywalker; the original title of A New Hope was The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as taken from the ‘Journal of the Whills’. A signed early edition of that script is part of a super cool selection of Star Wars memorabilia up for auction, including storyboard sketches and concept art.

The films are so familiar now that it’s difficult to imagine a time when Landspeeders and AT-ATs only existed as hand-drawn illustrations, ultimately made into movie magic by Industrial Light and Magic; now these artifacts represent a turning point for the visual effects industry, which evolved at lightspeed leading up to and through pre-production and filming of the epic trilogy.

On October 17th, Profiles in History is putting these items up on the block for deep-pocketed sci-fi fans ready to drop anywhere from $US600 to $US15,000 for a piece of cinematic lore. It’s part of the massive Hollywood Auction 65 [PDF] — for the curious, there’s lots of other treasures to be found too. (The boxing gloves Sylvester Stallone wore to bout with Mr T. in Rocky III? They can be yours.)

Check out all the cool Star Wars stuff! [Profiles in History; The Guardian via Co.Design]

A vacuum-formed plastic “test bust” of Han painted in gunmetal grey during post-production was a precursor to the full-body Solo in Carbonite from The Empire Strikes Back. ($US6000 – $US8000)

A pencil, ink, and pen sketch of Luke piloting a Landspeeder in A New Hope, drawn by concept artist Joe Johnston. ($US3000 – $US5000)

Hand-drawn illustration of George Lucas “manning camera” in a scene from The Empire Strikes Back by concept artist Joe Johnston. ($US2000 – $US3000)

A pencil and ink AT-AT in battle on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. ($US1200 – $US1500)

Comic artist Howard Chaykin designed the first ever Star Wars poster in 1976, with a logo assist from conceptual design legend Ralph McQuarrie. It was never issued to theatres. ($US600 – $US800)

This 144-page script was a fourth draft from 1976, signed by all the major cast and crew. ($US10,000 – $US15,000!)

Pen, ink, and pencil storyboards of Cloud City from the Luke and Darth lightsaber duel in The Empire Strikes Back. ($US2000 – $US3000)

These pen, ink, and pencil storyboards by concept artist Joe Johnston show Luke’s first trench run attempt (of two) in A New Hope that was later cut in post-production. ($US3000 – $US5000)

Pictures: Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 65 catalogue