Only 47 Of These Samurai-Inspired Motorcycles Will Be Made

Only 47 Of These Samurai-Inspired Motorcycles Will Be Made

Vehicle manufacturers make limited edition models available all the time, but few people start their own business for the sole purpose of taking someone else’s hardware and rebuilding it into their own, exclusive line. This, however, is exactly what people behind Ronin Motor Works did when it heard Harley Davidson was killing off its Buell brand of motorcycles, with its interests falling in particular on the liquid-cooled 1125 series.

The company managed to get a hold of nearly 50 bikes and decided to craft a limited run of modified 1125s, to show off the vehicle’s unique construction. Called the “Ronin”, only 47 of the bikes will be made, each one hand-built from a Buell 1125. The bikes will be numbered and “named” after one of the 47 Ronin from the Japanese legend.

For the Ronin, the linkage folk, cooling system and exhaust were redesigned. The biggest difference is the front of the bike, which has been streamlined and provides the Ronin with its distinct look.

The bikes will be released in different-sized blocks, with the first containing 12 units. Of those, five have been purchased.

If you’re in the position to pick up one of these lovely bikes, you’re going to need $US38,000 on hand. Ronin Motor Works won’t handle any of the shipping either — it’ll be up to you to sort out. So, it’s fair to say it’s unlikely any of us will be getting one of these bad boys any time soon.

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