OnePlus One Pre-Orders Start Right Now

OnePlus One Pre-Orders Start Right Now

The OnePlus One is one of our favourite smartphones even before you consider its ludicrously cheap $US300 price tag. Until now, the biggest knock against it was its inane invite-only purchase plan. But for the next hour, you can line up a pre-order in a civilised manner. Just head right here at 11am ET (2am AEDT) and click until your index finger falls off.

You can read more the OnePlus One in our full review below; you’ll probably have some time if the preorder page is as crushed as we’re expecting it to be. Still, even though a one-hour window isn’t ideal, it’s better than whatever inscrutable system was in place before.

Update: As might have been expected, we’re seeing error messages on the pre-order page. Let us know if you’re able to get through!

Update 2: Our own Darren Orf was able to battle through to the actual pre-order screen, only to get disconnected again. Chaos!

Update 3: As a concession to its slammed servers, OnePlus has extended the preorder window to 2pm ET (5am AEDT). That’s a lot of hours of refreshing, but hopefully it means you’ll be able to get your hands on one eventually. The full statement:

Unfortunately our servers weren’t able to keep up with the initial surge. We have extended the pre-order window to three hours so that all users who would like to pre-order are able to.