OnePlus One Pre-Orders Finally Begin October 28 (For One Hour Only)

Lowly people without an invite will finally be able to pre-order a totally fantastic OnePlus One phone starting October 27 at 11am EST (October 28, 2am AEDT) for $US300. At long last.

OnePlus One pre-orders will be open for only one hour, so if you don’t get in that window, the current invites method for getting the phone will still apply. The payments are processed via PayPal, and OnePlus is recommending that you get your information all up to date in advance to avoid any hiccups. And if you’re particularly nervous about getting in on the orders, you can save your shopping cart in advance to make sure it all goes smoothly.

OnePlus One is perhaps the hottest Android phone in the world, made all the more enticing because we keep hearing about how awesome it is and we can’t freaking buy it. Though this only small step towards the kind of broad availability we expect from mainstream consumer electronics. A step is a step. [OnePlus]