No, Nine Won’t Be Showing The NRL Grand Final In HD

No, Nine Won’t Be Showing The NRL Grand Final In HD

The lack of high-definition sports broadcasts on free-to-air television is an ongoing source of frustration for football fans, particularly when the grand final months of September and October roll around. Unsurprisingly, money is the main reason standard definition continues to rule the roost, though there was a glimmer of hope as Nine remained undecided about the HD prospects of an NRL grand final. Well, the suspense is over — it’ll be SD thanks to “technical difficulties”.

This post was originally published on Lifehacker Australia.

As Mumbrella’s Nic Christensen reports, Nine’s broadcast of today’s final between the Bulldogs and Rabbitohs will be regular-old SD. The story goes on to say that a spokesperson “would not elaborate” on the specifics of the difficulties.

I don’t think anyone was getting their hopes up, but its still disappointing to hear of another missed opportunity. The good news is that advertisers may push for high definition broadcasts, as their “product is going to look better”, according to comments from Toby Hack, managing director of media agency PHD.


Photo: NAPARAZZI / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0