Moto 360: Australian Pricing And Release Date Confirmed

Moto 360: Australian Pricing And Release Date Confirmed

If you’ve been pining for some sweet, circular smartwatch action in your life, you’re finally in luck: the Moto 360 has just been given an Australian price and release date.

The Moto 360 is a smartwatch that works with Android phones (version 4.3 and higher), essentially acting as a second screen for your device. It displays your incoming calls, texts, emails and allows you to reply to them by voice.

It displays your Google Now cards to keep you up to date on the things that theoretically matter to you, it gives you turn-by-turn directions, it allows you to translate words and phrases, and it has a suite of sensors that help keep you in shape.

The Moto 360 with the black leather band will hit Australia on 31 October and cost $329. A stainless steel band version will be available for $359, but for that one you’ll have to wait until early next year.

We’ll bring you our Australian review of the Moto 360 soon!