Morgan Freeman Becomes E.T. And Other Age-Prediction Software Horrors

Yesterday, we got a look at a fun (if creepy) little bit of tech that claims to give us a peek at our grizzled, age-stricken faces in 20 years’ time. What we got was certainly… something. So we decided to put the Future Self software to the real test, by inputting celebrities as they were 20 years ago and comparing the results to how they look now. It’s terrifying.

Using photos from 1994-ish, we put 10 celebrities through the facial recognition-ringer to see how closely their CGI-based modern forms would match the results of actual ageing. In some cases — Meryl Streep, for instance — the computer actually got pretty damn close. In others — say, Haley Joel Osment — Father Time was far crueler than anyone could have predicted.

Here are our 10 experiments in all their glory. And feel free to play for yourself and share your results down below. Because you can never have too much nightmare fuel.

Gary Busey

Morgan Freeman

Jennifer Aniston

Meryl Streep

Brad Pitt

Glenn Close

Steve Buscemi

Haley Joel Osment

Barbara Walters