Listen To The Sunrise Via Special Weather Sensors And A Custom Synth

Listen To The Sunrise Via Special Weather Sensors And A Custom Synth

Watching sunsets and sunrises are some of life’s loveliest pleasures, and hey — it turns out listening to them is pretty incredible too. Quintron, an experimental musician based in New Orleans, built a synthesiser and sensors that convert weather to sound, with special audio effects at dusk and dawn.

The result is a totally dreamy soundtrack streaming 24/7.

Weather For The Blind is on Mixlr

The project is called Weather for the Blind. Quintron envisions it as a kind of aural remedy for circadian rhythm disorders, which is a physical inability to line up with the natural ebb and flow of day to night. This off-kilter body clock often affects those who are visually impaired, and therefore don’t have the sun and moon for visual clues on when to wake and when to sleep.

Quintron tuned different sensors to elements like temperature, wind, and rain; shifts in each of these variables impact their conductivity, which in turn tweaks the info they transfer to the e-major chord “base station” synth via wires.

There’s one special sensor aimed at the sky, however, which is only put to work twice every 24 hours. “Its job is to be quiet all day long and all night long,” Quintron told me over the phone. “It only makes sound when the UV rays change very rapidly at sunrise at sunset.”

If all this sounds incredibly complex, I encourage you to click on through to the site and press play for the real-time experience. I had it on all afternoon and feel like it put me in a super chill headspace that is really strange and wonderful (similar to the slowed-down rhythm of the Okavango Delta). Enjoy.

Picture: Billy Metcalf Photography/Flickr