Lenovo's New Yoga Laptop And Tablets Are All About Touch

Overnight, Lenovo announced three new "multimode devices" in its Yoga range of multipurpose tablets and laptops. The new Yoga 3 Pro, the most innovative of the lot, is a 13-inch laptop with a segmented metal "watchband" hinge, accented with satin black and orange — the whole thing looks very Breitling.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro was an impressive device; the Yoga 3 Pro looks more so. Like Dell's new Inspiron 13, the Yoga 3 Pro can flip its screen over almost 360 degrees of motion thanks to a four-segment external hinge that looks like the metal-linked band of an expensive wristwatch. The paired and machined segments look vaguely Swarovski-ish, and fits in quite nicely, we think, with the orange and black finish of the rest of the laptop.

The Yoga 3 Pro runs an Intel Core M processor (the M-70), can be specced out with up to 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, while its 13.3-inch display is a 3200x1800pixel QHD+ touchscreen, and is very thin and light with a maximum 12.8mm thickness and 1.19kg weight. Starting at $2099 with a $200 upgrade for the larger SSD, it's not cheap, but it looks like you do get what you pay for. The Yoga 3 Pro is, according to Lenovo, shipping to customers within a couple of weeks.

With the same screen size, the $799 Yoga Tablet 2 Pro has that unique Lenovo fold-out hinged kickstand, which adjusts to allow the tablet to be used in any position from lying flat to standing vertically. Unlike the traditional Windows laptop ethos of the Yoga 3 Pro, the Tablet 2 Pro runs Android 4.4 Kit-Kat, and has to be one of the largest Android tablets you can buy thanks to its 13.3-inch 2560x1440pixel screen. An Intel Atom Z3745 and 2GB of RAM powers the device, with 32GB of onboard storage expandable via microSD.

If you don't feel like such a Pro, the garden variety Yoga Tablet 2 is available in both $399 Android 4.4 and $579 Windows 8.1 varieties; the same kickstand design and the same Intel Atom processor are used, but screen size drops to 10.1 inches for both models.

We are, as usual, waiting for exact release dates for some models in the new Yoga range; we'll let you know as soon as we find out. [Lenovo]



    Ooh. Good news. I was just looking at buying one of these the other day!

    Edit: Just saw the price... That's crazy.. :|

    Last edited 10/10/14 10:20 am

    hmm very pretty :) very expensive :( any word on the graphical capabilities of these? or just running intel gfx HD?

      Yeah HD 5300 as part of the new Core M chips. Not brilliant, but not bad for integrated: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-5300.125576.0.html

        better than whats in most macbooks so yeah not bad :) if there was an Nvidia mobile range for these i would love it :)

      Engadget are reporting that there will be a 14" version available with GeForce 840 on board. No idea when we might see it here but you can bet it will cost a bomb. They were also reporting 8" Yoga tablets, as well as the 10" versions, with slightly lower prices.

    Pardon my ignorance but how does the yoga pro compare to the surface pro. I'm not sure how I should be comparing the i5/i7 surface tablets to this new Intel Core M?

    Just saw the price too. Thats pretty crazy. I talking to a MS rep today asking about the surface pro and if they were going to release a new version any time soon. He said they're only allowed to say what's officially available. After awhile he did say that it would make sense that they would release the new surface alongside windows 10 and that if I was going to buy a SP3, that I should wait a month as there will be a deal on around then. Couldn't get any more info out of him.

    It looks like the core M still finds itself hard to be put into a smaller form factor body like 10 inches or 8 inches. And look at the price, the core M is still far from ready for today's market.

    Last edited 10/10/14 3:32 pm

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