Laptops With Nvidia’s Latest Gaming GPUs Start To Appear

Laptops With Nvidia’s Latest Gaming GPUs Start To Appear

Nvidia’s latest and greatest laptop graphics tech dropped last night, and it’s big news for anyone who wants an all-in-one gaming machine that can actually leave the house. PC gaming laptops just aren’t massive hulking monoliths of plastic and copper and silicon any more. (Well, some still are, but that’s beside the point.) Here are a few of the new high-powered notebooks you’ll be able to pick up very, very soon.

Gigabyte has two new updates to its gaming laptop line, in the P35X and P34W. The “ultra slim and lightweight” P35X is a 15.6-inch laptop weighing less than 2.3kg and measuring less than 23mm thick, but still packing in a GTX 980M and four hard drives — two SSDs and two 2TB mechanicals. The top spec P35X will have a 2880x1620pixel WQHD+ display, too, so high-res laptop gaming is totally possible. The P34W out in November runs a single GTX 970M for its 14-inch 1080p screen, and a 30 per cent battery capacity jump over the previous model — that’s despite its sub-21mm thickness and middling 1.71kg weight.

MSI has the GT72 Dominator Pro, the successor to the equally massive and equally massively powerful GT70. This 17.3-inch 1080p monster is a beast outside its GTX 980M top-end graphics configuration, with space for four M.2 SSDs, 32GB of RAM, Intel’s most powerful mobile Core i7 processors and an especially massive battery. The GT72’s 83WHr battery is particularly capacious for an internal laptop cell, and along with BatteryBoost should make for one of the longest gaming battery life figures of any portable PC.

Aorus, the Gigabyte spin-off specialising in high-end premium and gaming notebooks, has gone for a slightly different approach in its new X7 Pro. Instead of a big single GTX 980M, the surprisingly slim X7 Pro packs in two GTX 970M chips running in SLI, with performance that Aorus says is superior to a single top-end chip . It can also run on a single 970M, which is an advantage when it comes to minimising power usage when running on battery. The X7 Pro is a 17.3-inch 1080p laptop in the same vein as the MSI, with a similarly massively powerful Core i7 CPU and triple RAID 0 SSDs, but is under 23mm thick — crazy.

We expect new gaming laptops from Clevo, Asus, Origin PC and other brands to appear imminently — we’ve seen a few in person already (look below). We’ll update this list when we find out. Stay tuned! [Nvidia]