iPad Air 2 Teardown: Slimmer Body, Smaller Battery

IPad Air 2 Teardown: Slimmer Body, Smaller Battery

The iPad Air 2 is probably most impressive for its design. The original was super slim, and somehow Apple managed to make the new iteration even thinner. But as iFixit's teardown of the new tablet reveals, that hot design comes with a smaller battery.

Maybe it's not totally surprising that the battery got smaller. You have less room to work with. The new battery is 27.62Wh whereas the previous battery was 32.9Wh. Still, Apple claims that the iPad will have the same 10-hour battery life as its predecessor. And that's believable, that new A8X processor surely brings performance and efficiency improvements compared to the A7. [iFixit]


    I FOR ONE, rather them put the old battery back and leave the thickness....

      I just got an air 2 and hey it bloody thin but I would prefer it be the same weight and thickness as an iPad 3 and have a crazy amount of battery life. It would make it a lot better and you wouldn't need to worry about charging the thing every day to make sure it will get through the next day.

        Plus you going to buy case that add thickness anyway, unless you brave enough not to get one and let the back of it scratches to bits. Like my old iPOD (first generation)

    Totally agree, this obsession with thinness is becoming stupid. I don't personally see why it needs to be less than 7.5mm... which is the thickness of a typical A4 paper pad.
    They could quite easily give us a tablet with a 24hr MINIMUM worse case run time if they chose too... and it would sell like hotcakes

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