iOS 8 Is Apple's Least Successful Update In Years

IOS 8 Is Apple's Least Successful Update in Years

One of Apple's favourite sticks to poke Android with has always been the sluggish upgrade rate of new versions of Google's OS. While Apple still has the 'droid handily beat in that respect, it looks like Apple might have a growing problem on its hands with iOS 8 adoption.

As measured by Apple's own metrics, fewer than half of its users are running iOS 8, nearly three weeks after launch. Although that might not sound like much — heck, not even a quarter of Android users are running the months-old latest version, Kit-Kat — compared to previous roll-outs of new versions of iOS, it's a train wreck.

IOS 8 Is Apple's Least Successful Update in Years

At the same point last year, iOS 7 had hit nearly 70 per cent adoption by some metrics. Even worse for Apple, it seems that after the initial glut of users upgrading to iOS 8 (or just flat-out buying iPhone 6 or 6 Plus devices), there's been virtually no more conversion of users to iOS 8: it was at 46 per cent on September 21, and it's at 47 per cent as of yesterday.

Although the exact causes are difficult to determine, there's a few obvious candidates for the slow adoption: iOS 8 needs nearly 6GB of free space to install, which for most people (including me and my 32GB 5S) meant nuking photos or a music collection to be able to upgrade. Then, there's the fact that 8.0.1 nuked reception for a iPhone 6 owners. Add that to a seemingly above-average number of buggy apps on iOS 8, and it looks like most people are putting the update off.

A loss of faith in its software, and any resulting fragmentation, is about the last thing Apple needs right now. It has already made life slightly harder for developers, now that there's four distinct screen sizes that need supporting just within the iPhone range; having users split on which version of iOS they're running is just going to cause even more headaches. [App Store via 9to5Mac]



    Im guessing a lot of people tried to update and got stuck in the queue, never bothering to check for the update again.

    Does this graph represent all devices iOS devices or just those that are capable of updating to iOS 8? (for instance iphone 4 , iphone 3 iPad 1 all unable to update).

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    Of course most users on Android aren't on KitKat, by the time the manufacturers and telcos finish adding their bloatware, the next major release is already out. Just to point out how long this takes usually, the Lumia 920 in my house only got the Lumia Cyan (WP8.1) update last week, 5 months after the 8.1 launch.

    Updates are where iPhones excel over the competition, with all devices getting the update on the same day, regardless of telco (unless your model gets discontinued)

      One of the reason I stick with Apple.

      or buy Nexus if you stick with Android

      "heck, not even a quarter of Android users are running the months-old latest version, Kit-Kat"

      Kit Kat was released on the 31 Oct 2013. It is effectively 12 months old and still most Samsung devices do not have it - and will probably never get it :-(

      Just get a Nexus device, so Google pushes the updates directly instead of going through the Telcos.

    Since upgrading to 8.0.2 I've lost the ability to control my iPhone 6 Plus through my car stereo.
    Weirdly enough my wife's iPhone 6 plus running 8.0.2 works with the stereo.
    I'm going to have to factory reset my phone and start from scratch to see how that goes for me.

    I'm hesitant to update to iOS8 on my iPad (the retina model just before they introduced the updated one with a Lightning port). It's sluggish enough with iOS7. I've found this to be a problem with all the Apple mobile devices - within two major iOS updates, it makes the phone/tablet sluggish and at times nearly unusable.

    No surprises here... 8 is a pile of arse. So many cursed bugs... bluetooth and iPod car connectivity is broken. Apps extending off the edge of the screen. Getting the landscape keyboard when in portrait orientation. Podcasts using my mobile data without asking. That's just off the top of my head. Seriously considering trying an android device just to see if I can do better.

    Another factor affecting the take up rate I suspect is the size of the OTA update. A number of people I know haven't done it because their phones are full, photos etc, and they can't be bothered either to backup their photos (one way or another) or to plug their phones, etc in to a computer and update that way. BTW, I haven't noticed an overall response issue on my iPad 2, just a bit 'jerky' at times but at least it runs the latest OS and all the features that an iPad 2 can cope with, like it.

    On my 5S, IOS 7 works perfectly fine and does everything I need it to do.
    There's nothing of note in IOS 8 that's going to radically improve my experience so I'm sticking with "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

    look.. after their last 2 updates where half your phone becomes unusable.. there is no reason to update until its known to get the first 5 bugs out. same with windows..

    No jailbreak for 8 yet. The jailbreak community is quite large so quite alot of them, myself included will be sitting on iOS7 until something is released for 8.

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    It works fine for me (5) but I found I needed 3 gigs, deleted stuff, installed, then had 2 odd gigs left, simply reinstalled my apps

    Yeah well they need to do something with newsstand and vendors that say your whole magazine library cannot be restored to new iOS8 apps for a start. Legalised theft this is to take your purchases back off you. And the reading apps that break on 8 because the previous version will not reinstall on 8.....

    Is it any surprise when owners of older models of the iphone have realized that the new ios's make their phones sluggish and full of glitches.

    I'm just waiting for a jailbreak. Then again, I'm on a 4S and I've heard iOS 8 is terrible on them.

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