How Google’s Giant Nexus 6 Stacks Up To The Big-Phone Competition

How Google’s Giant Nexus 6 Stacks Up To The Big-Phone Competition

Finally, the long-rumoured six inches of pure, unfiltered Android (Lollipop!) just the way Google always intended. So how does Google’s new Motorola-made flagship stack up to the other big dogs in phablet land? Let’s take a look.

Obviously, with more space comes more room to pack in some seriously upgraded specs. And if you’re a fan of September’s Moto X release, you’re not going to be disappointed — the Nexus 6 is essentially is a souped up, more beastly version of its smaller Moto X cousin. As for the more comparable phones from other manufactures, the Nexus 6 certainly holds its own.

As far as screens goes, this thing is just about as massive as they come. At a (technical) 5.96 inches, the Nokia 1520 is the only one that really even manages to come close. Hope you’ve got big pockets. It also comes out at the head-ish of the pack where pixel density is concerned, hitting 495 PPi. All the others are in a similar range except its closest screen-size competitor, the Nokia 1520, which measures in at a mere 367 PPi. So their screens may be similar in size, but the Nexus is the far more pixel-packed phablet.

Storage is pretty typical, with the Nexus getting beat only by the iPhone 6 Plus and its absurd 128GB option. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any MicroSD add-on option, so if you’re desperate for more than 64GB of on-board memory, you’re probably going to want to look elsewhere.

Of course, this is the first phone being shipped out with the brand Android 5.0 Lollipop, and considering Google is touting it as the “largest, most ambitious release on Android”, its going to need that 2.7GHz Snapdragon processor its carrying, which still puts it at the top as far as speed is concerned, although the Nexus 6 does share that crown with the (slightly smaller) Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

With all that space comes room for more battery, although it hasn’t really gone above and beyond its competition where longevity is concerned, coming in squarely in the middle of the bunch with 3200mAh powering that beast in your pocket. And, of course, numbers can only tell us so much — the real test will come when we try to wield this thing ourselves. So how do you think the Nexus 6 measures up to its phablet foes? Let us know down below.