Here’s How The New Gmail App Will Finally Tame Your Inboxes

Email is the bane of my existence. Trying to keep all my inboxes up to date and organised often feels like a full-time job. I’ve tried a couple of email clients now and nothing seems to work just the way I want it, but this leaked view of Gmail’s Lollipop makeover, first spotted by Android Police, may be the app I’m looking for.

A majority of the 30-second spot shows off Google’s material design concept within its popular email app, but the huge teaser here is the ability to bring over your other email accounts and not just other Gmail accounts, which is the current standard operating procedure. A simple swipe left or right lets you dance among your various Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook accounts, and Google says in the video that more are included.

This is the next step forward to the perfect email solution. Now I just need an autonomous AI that will answer all my emails for me with appropriate charm, wit and seriousness. Is that too much to ask? [Android Police]