Happy Birthday, Comic Sans! We All Still Hate You

Video: This year, it's the 20th birthday (?) of something truly horrible: Comic Sans. Marc Fennell and the other good folk at The Feed on SBS 2 decided to "celebrate" its birthday by taking a look at its origin story, and how it can be fixed.


    I don't hate Comic Sans.
    It's a fantastic font in the right context.

    Personally, I don't mind Comic Sans.

    What I really hated though was people who used it for things writing their resumes, etc.

    But where's the "Y"??!

    This reminds me. Remove this font from the next rollout of computers.

    A mate has a font like Comic sans (if not the same) on his galaxy s5 and i want to throw up everytime i see it, it just makes the phone look/feel tacky but maybe the fact that he is 31 years old adds to that.. haha, i'm sure if my 15 year old sibling had it i wouldn't take much notice of it.. :)

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