Hack-O-Lantern Turns Your Kid’s Pumpkin Into An Interactive Spooker

Except for maybe the addition of child-safe power tools, not much has changed in decades when it comes to carving a Jack-o-lantern. But if you want Halloween to be about more than gutting a pumpkin and sugar rushes, LittleBits has come out with a simple kit that turns a Jack-o-lantern into a lesson about basic electronics.

The aptly-named $US29 Hack-o-lantern kit includes a battery power module, an LED module, and a sound trigger module so that your child’s (or your) Jack-o-lantern comes to life and glows at the sound of trick-or-treaters. It’s a simple hack, and while your kids are assembling the simple circuit they will be too distracted to start a pumpkin guts food fight. Worth every cent. [LittleBits via Engadget]